Hi, I'm Myles Pinkney

"Taking a photograph is easy, being up a mountain at 4am with a 60mph wind howling against your face isn't; getting to the right place at the right time is the hardest part of photography."

Born and raised in Devon, I have always had an appetite for exploring the countryside. From an early age I was always recording videos with my dad, and can often be heard laughing hysterically behind the camera as he cracked me up in the comedic sketches. I remember getting my first decent camera, a Fujifilm Bridge with an enormous 26x superzoom. Needless to say there were a lot of candid shots of the parents, greeted with a "delete that immediately". My love of Landscape photography seems to have sprung somehwere from here...
Ive been properly taking photographs for about two and a half years now, having been lucky enough to have travelled to some awesome locations such as the Canadian Rockies, The Peruvian Andes, Patagonia and the Swiss Alps. However, its the locations closer to home that have a deeper meaning to me. Traditionally having been the south coast of Devon and Cornwall and Dartmoor but also recently Scotland and the Lake District. I think the UK is a very underrated place for landscape photographs, its just often challenging to get the conditions needed to bring the landscape to life.
I have never studied photography academically, having just learnt from Thomas Heaton, ahem *youtube, and trial and error. I am studying History at Lancaster University, but I know photography is my true passion. I have no idea if it is possible to go far in this field, but I am just taking pictures as it is something I love.